Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thanks for coming out!

Thanks to everyone who spent the weekend with us at The Ultimate Retreat last weekend. Judging by the good vibes in the room, everyone was having a great time! Can't wait for the next on in October. And the one after that in November. And 5 more times in '08.

(for more info on these dates and to be on The Ultimate Mailing List, please email us at )

And thanks to the fantastic staff at Loon Lake who cater to our every whim. Seriously. Their mission statement must be "make those scrapbookers happy at all costs" because they do not rest until we are 100% satisfied. (install another phone? Sure! Remove a door? No problem! Special dietary needs? We can handle that) We need to think up some crazy bizarre requests for next time, just to test this theory. :)

If you have any requests or suggestions for Loon Lake, please post them here so we can pass them on. We've already mentioned the hot tub idea, and if necessary we will start a petition!!

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