Wednesday, January 25, 2012

FAQ About our Mom & Me retreats...

This is something new to the Ultimate. Many of us have children that love to scrapbook but there are very few venues that we can scrapbook with our kids. While the regular retreat is going on in the Main Lodge (enjoying grownup entertainment and conversations), the moms & kids will be scrapping in a separate lodge, where we will offer kid friendly scrap breaks and movies! Cost is $460 per Mom & Child pair.

Please note: all our regularly scheduled retreats are ADULTS ONLY. (with the exception of non-mobile infants) If you are booked into a regular retreat on the same weekend as a Mom & Me retreat, you will NOT be scrapbooking with the kids. The Mom & Me retreat is located in a separate building. The only mingling of the groups would be in the dining room during meal times, and shopping in the store with adult supervision.

When are your Mom & Me retreats?

See dates in the sidebar. The next one is May 2012.

What age do you recommend?

We don't have age restrictions, so its up to you whether your child is up for a weekend of scrapbooking, unfamiliar places, new people and larger groups. They would have to be interested in scrapbooking and have some experience, and for your enjoyment it would be nice if they could work independently much of the time. Between ages 9-13 seems to be optimal. You know your child best.

Please note that in addition to the adult retreat in the main lodge, there are often other groups using different parts of the camp at the same time. Our junior scrappers must be respectful of their spaces and activities at all times.

Do I have to be a Mom? Can I bring my niece, cousin, grandchild, neighbour, etc?

You can bring any child who loves scrapbooking and would enjoy spending the weekend with you! You are responsible for their supervision, behaviour and personal care at all times.

I have more than one kid. What would the price be?

Please contact Heather directly at for additional pricing options.

I don't know if my child can scrapbook all day long. Are there opportunities for breaks?

Absolutely! There will be family-oriented movies and activities throughout the weekend. There are additional gathering/lounging areas in the cabin. And depending on the weather and availability, we can enjoy time outdoors in the camp. At the beginning of the weekend we will define the areas of the camp we are permitted to explore, and the areas that are out of bounds.

What's the rooming situation?

All rooms in the cabin have 2 single beds, and 4 sleeping rooms share 2 bathrooms on the same floor.

What's the meal situation?

All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday brunch are included, plus snacks & beverages. Meals are served buffet-style in the dining hall attached to the main retreat. Family scrappers and adult scrappers will mingle at meal times.

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